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UPAD, the “Professional Union of Dubbing Authors”, was created in 2011 when about a hundred dubbing writers decided to join forces to defend their collective rights.

It is the only professional organization exclusively dedicated to dubbing authors.

UPAD regroups experienced professionals eager to help all their partners understand the specifics of their work. Our goal is to ensure that all the artistic and material requirements are met so that the audience can enjoy the high quality dubbing they’ve come to expect from their favorite shows and movies. We also keep our members informed about all current issues impacting our field (collective bargaining, copyright, technological developments, etc).

UPAD represents the authors and defends their rights before numerous organizations (Ircec and Agessa-social security, Sacem-royalties, Ministry of Culture, Afdas-education…) and has signed the “Charter of Good Practices” drafted under the supervision of the French Center for Cinematography (CNC).

UPAD is also at the forefront of the Europe-wide struggle to encourage GAFAMs to better reward content creators. We also fight against misconceptions spread by Internet giants who wish to convince European MPs that the EU directive is an obstacle to sharing knowledge on the web.